Projects Procedure
Customer RFQ
Request for quotation with product drawings, samples or just concept
Issue quotation within 1-2 days
Onder Confirmation
Project kicks off upon receipt of deposit
Assembly Drawing
2 to 5 days for drawings design (2D)
Detailed Dsign
Mold components with detail drawings.(3D)
Drawings Final Confirmation
Drawings are finally confimed by customer
Follow up the schedule
Mould Manufacture
Mould manufacture on schedule (Weekly report helps customer monitor the production Schedule)
Mould Trial Running and
Sample Submitted
FMould trial running on schedule, and Samples are submitted with inspection report
Sample Confirmation
After inspected final samples according to specifications customer make a confirmation.
tooling finished and packed
Material certification and a CD of assembly drawings(2D,3D) and trail running video are sent together to customer at the time of the shipment of the mould!